Disability Inclusion Matters

As someone with a physical disability, I rarely discuss it because it has never really hindered me. My carbon fiber and titanium legs have taken me to incredible places, but this week I want to talk about disability inclusion. It’s important and we should be talking about it. I was recently honored at a gala […]

Transition is hard! Here’s what you should know.

I’ve been going through a huge life transition, and boy does change take energy! Even when it’s good change! If you have struggled with change and transition, here are a few things I’ve been learning along the way. (This might help you too!) When we’re going through a major change, whether it’s an injury, an […]

Transition Tip #3: Give Yourself Grace

If you follow me on Instagram, I’ve been talking about life transitions and I asked this question: “Do you feel you’re in a transition right now and if so, how do you feel about it?” II continue to get an overwhelming response from people sharing the transitions they’re currently experiencing. From divorce, career changes, retirement, physical […]