If you follow me on Instagram, I’ve been talking about life transitions and I asked this question:

“Do you feel you’re in a transition right now and if so, how do you feel about it?”

II continue to get an overwhelming response from people sharing the transitions they’re currently experiencing. From divorce, career changes, retirement, physical injury, illness, and the general discomfort and uncertainty of an ever-changing world.

In my last email, I presented a simple challenge aI already presented two challenges to help you in your current transitions.

  1. Allow yourself to daydream. Read the 1st challenge.
  2. Appreciate the magic of the unknown. Read the 2nd challenge.

While I’ve been through many transitions in my life. From losing my legs at 19, having a kidney transplant at 21, and eventually becoming a professional athlete. I suddenly found “fame” when I appeared on Dancing With The Stars. Then, my

While you’re already familiar with my story, from losing my legs at 19, having a kidney transplant at 21, and eventually becoming a professional athlete. What you may not know is that just 2 years ago, after sustaining a major vascular, I had my leg amputated for a 2nd time. This eventually lead to my retirement from professional snowboarding. 

My snowboard coach used to tell me “Amy, have a tender heart with yourself, take the pressure off, you are doing fine.”

This is my next challenge for you.

Give yourself grace.

Being alive and moving forward in today’s challenging modern world is enough. We all go through moments of not feeling good enough, not being productive enough, or achieving enough. These feelings are often presented at a time when we’re busy comparing ourselves to others. 

We are so hard on ourselves! If you’re anything like me, at times, I feel as though I’m not doing enough and put unnecessary pressure on myself to do more. This feeling is exhausting and self-defeating.  

Alternatively, grace is self-care. Grace is giving yourself permission to be exactly who you are and being gentle with yourself. 

Take a moment each day to look at how far you’ve come, allow yourself to have a tender heart, and be grateful for the place you’ve arrived. 

When was the last time you looked in a mirror and said, “I love you and I’m grateful for you.”?

Remember to take a moment out of every day to show yourself some gratitude for the person you’re becoming.

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