I’ve been going through a huge life transition, and boy does change take energy! Even when it’s good change!

If you have struggled with change and transition, here are a few things I’ve been learning along the way. (This might help you too!)

  1. Transition is hard.
  2. Often times, the transition we go through after a crisis is harder than the crisis itself.

When we’re going through a major change, whether it’s an injury, an illness, or divorce we have adrenaline that carries us through. We’re thinking on our toes, in the present moment, trying to figure it out. But once we get through it, we find ourselves in a transition of trying to figure out who we are now; often, that is the most uncomfortable part of the entire experience.

And that’s what I’ve been dealing with. After a major injury to my leg, and not walking for several years, I’ve found myself in a transition where I have downtime that used to be filled with

I’m doing so much better. I’ve recognized that I’m finally free from crisis, or at least, freer than I was. Surprisingly, it’s a scary place to be.

If you’re feeling confused by life right now, (We’ve all been through transition with the pandemic. We’re all dealing with something!) know that you are not alone. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and eventually, you’ll get through it and arrive where you’re supposed to be.

“You must go through the transition to get to the transformation.”

– Amy Purdy

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