Self-Acceptance Is A Journey!

I just launched a 6-Week journey to Self-Acceptance in my Life Inspired Series Workshop. The conversation with our first guest, 2X Ironman athlete Turia Pitt was incredible!

Turia is a two-time Ironman, motivational speaker, author, podcaster, wife, and wonderful mother. In 2011, she suffered severe burns to 65% of her body while competing in an ultramarathon in Western Australia. She has experienced so much and is an incredible light in this world. This is why I wanted her to open the workshop!

In our conversation, Turia described waking up in the hospital and realizing the immense cost of losing her physical abilities and the challenge of learning just how difficult everyday tasks can be. There were so many takeaways from the workshop and I want to share a few of those things with you.

“People look at others’ lives and see the highlight reels, but I don't think that's reflective of anyone's life. I think, we have really great days, really amazing days, days that we feel wonderful about ourselves. We also have other days, where we feel sad, overwhelmed, I think they're both part of this journey we call life. We don't get to cherry-pick." "We've got to be able to take both of them" as they come. "It's important to validate yourself." create space to process negative thoughts and pain. "It's really helpful, to just acknowledge, if you're going through something hard, just telling yourself, what I'm going through right now is really hard."

This resonates with me because I think if we only see the highlights of everyone else’s life, we build a perception that we’re the only person struggling and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Our mentors are still humans, they have their own struggles. Some days are easier for me than others. It might be less or more than others, but it’s still significant to the person experiencing it. 

Turia also talked about tips and tools that can help us navigate our self-acceptance journey.

"I have always compartmentalized, and it's, I guess it's a self-preservation thing. If I sat there every day thinking about everything that I've been through all of the time, I wouldn't be very happy." What I do instead is "put it all in a little box, and I say to myself, we can think about that tomorrow at 3pm. But I've got a really busy day today."

It’s good to be reminded that we always have control over what we give our mental energy to. To know that we can create a space to process how we feel and think about our situation. By scheduling time, we can avoid dwelling on our issues while also processing them in a productive way.

It’s been several days and I’m still just blown away by this experience. Lindsey Stirling will be joining us on May 4th. If you’d like to join us, registration is still open, but not for long!

If you’re interested in learning more, you will find all the details here:

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