I’m feeling extra energized! If you didn’t see my Instagram post from the other day, I took my first walk in over 14 months. Can you imagine?! I cannot explain to you how amazing it felt. It’s been hard–extremely hard to say the least. And honestly, the hardest part hasn’t even been the injury itself, it’s been keeping my mindset right about my injury. And that’s why I wanted to share this quote with you:

“Resilience is not about surviving the worst days of your life, it’s for thriving every day of your life.”
I came across this quote randomly the other day, and wow, did it resonate with me! I don’t believe this statement could be any more accurate. What do you think?

I believe being resilient isn’t just making your way through the darkness, no matter how dark it might be. I believe being resilient is finding a way to illumine the darkness. And I know due to the current situation of the world, these could be some of the worst days many of you have faced, and it feels like you are just surviving. If you feel this way, how can you illuminate the darkness?

A Good Read:

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Have you read this amazing book yet? I’m obsessed! I especially love how it begins with the story of how we are all tamed like the performing cheetah at the zoo. We too are meant to be wild and free, although society has led us to believe we must fit into certain boxes. I feel like I’m a cheetah, too! Plus, I love how the book is made up of short story verses, making it super easy to just read a story here and there throughout the day.